African Revival Fellowship’s vision is to have multiple outreaches that are strategically positioned to scatter seeds of revival among African diaspora … Following are some of our outreaches ministries

African Revival Radio

African Revival Radio is a Christ-centered, non-profit, listener-supported radio ministry focusing on true gospel message that ignites the fire of Revival through the ordinary means of grace such as preaching, prayer, worship, witnessing etc …. African Revival Radio produces and delivers compelling programming filled with solid biblical insight and creative expressions of faith that helps liners around the world taking the next step in their relationship with Christ.

African Revival Institute

African Revival Institute is a non-denominational Christian organization, a ministry of African Revival Fellowship committed to recruiting, training, motivating, and mobilizing African Diasporas for a spiritual harvest, articulation and demonstration of the principles of spiritual harvest, and mobilization of  laborers to be a part of this end-time harvest and be able to train others to do the same.  African Revival Institute aligned its training program on the curriculum of Harvestime International Institute which emphasizes two major areas:

1.  What Jesus taught by word and demonstration to raise up trained, motivated, lay leadership. Our training focuses on what He taught to transform simple men into reproductive Christians who reached their world with the Gospel message in a demonstration of power.

2.  The curriculum emphasizes what was demonstrated and taught during the times of the Acts and Epistles as His plan was instituted in the early Church.

African Diaspora is an immense mission field; its negligence will be costly to us. Therefore African Revival Institute wants to use the emergent communication and Technology tools such as teleconference to reach as many as we can no matter where they live.  Our goal is to train one at the time to be spiritually reproductive and be able to train others to do the same.

African Revival Conference

African Revival Conference is an annual event that provides a time and place to re-ignite fresh fire in your own heart. You will leave with renewed passion and direction to lead others into life-changing revival. This three-day annual event in the United States is a revival focus Conference for African Diaspora no matter where they live to come together with a passion to see a heaven sent revival in our day. As we believe God together for a widespread personal and corporate revival, the Spirit filled messages from our guess speakers will challenge you to you fell onto your knees pleading with God to send revival with a burdened for the spiritual condition of yourself, your church and your nation.

African Revival Prayer Network

As Greg Laurie once said” You don’t organize a Revival but you agonize for it in Prayer” We believe that Prayer can change things.  African Revival Prayer Network is 24-7 prayer Watch. We believe in importance of prayer when seeking for a heavenly sent Revival. Please contact us 1-717496-9215,  if feel God’s calling to be a part of this Network.